这个是网友发起的,还蛮有意义,我只能转载,义务的为她 宣传。

希望能帮到一点小忙。 她的理想也不简单,来吧,给个精神上支持。

Founder: YUKI NG黄绣丽
Ms YUKI NG born in the small town of Pontian, Johor, Malaysia.
YUKI grew up and studied in Kampong Pontian Kecil, then went on to Kuala Lumpur at the age of 17 to pursue a professional photography course while working at a bridal salon in Johor Bahru in order to save money.

Upon reaching 19 years old, she went on to Singapore's Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) to further pursue her studies, majoring in Visual Communication, while also working at the same time.
She was one of the few who graduated with top distinction and won a scholarship in Visual Communication & Graphic Design as well as a number of other art and design awards. The school offered her a scholarship in University of Western Sydney, Australia, but after a few weeks studying there and encountering a number of various problems, she decided to drop out and go out to society to work. She subsequently became a designer and has done various magazine layouts, advertisements, product packaging, prints, and cartoon design. She has since settled down in Singapore and became a Sales & Marketing Consultant.
She wishes to start a campaign to help people suffering from depression and trauma resulting from negative relationship experiences, conveying hope and encouragement to these deprived victims.

- Theme of campaign -
2013 ( The Beginning ) is the preparation year for this public campaign, its aim is to care for patients who are traumatized, facing depression, and/or with suicidal thoughts.
I hope everyone would be able to sympathize with these people who have experienced tremendous amounts of pressure, leading them to become extremely emotional and negative. They do not deserve to be subjected to discrimination, condemnation, criticised, nor ridiculed. Instead, I want to appeal to everyone to give them your encouragement and patience in order to help them stand up positively in the face of adversity. Do lend a helping hand so that they will be able to stay strong for the hopeful future and lead a wonderful life.

Post-traumatic stress, depression, suicidal tendencies, these are not terminal illness, they are symptoms shown after a person has gone through huge emotional blows and pressure, some are easy to spot, some choose to hide their emotions and suffer silently inside. There are few who recover easily in a short period of time, while for the most, it is usually fatal and they might never recover without receiving proper care. There is never a definite period for recovery.

Most of the time, it is difficult to distinguish the victims, so they often go unnoticed. Some would also choose to ignore even if they are able to see something is wrong.
Only the person itself, and his/her family would be able to feel and help him/her move on, they play a much bigger role. The most pitiful ones are those who have either been given up on, or has given up him/herself, and in some cases, committed suicide.

*We would appreciate it if any specialists, psychological counsellors, and clergies could give us more information as well as guidance in this area.

- The spirit of LOVE.CARE.LIFE -
"Stop, Look, Listen" 3 steps of Love
STOP - Stop giving negative stares & using hurtful words.
It will just add insult to injury to these helpless people who are already badly traumatized and have suffered greatly - but still constantly living in shame and fear, feeling inferior.
LOOK- Pay more attention to the heartbroken.
They are very vulnerable, in need of people like you & I to treat them with patience and sincerity.
LISTEN - Listen to their thoughts & opinions - the voice of their hearts.
Only then will you be able to help them ease their pain, accept, and let go, bit by bit.
Start by starting!

I hope everyone can help promote love and goodwill so that we would all be able to live in a world full of love, a world without strangers.
You, who is lucky enough to avoid such heart-rending & traumatizing experiences, upon looking at the plight of the less fortunate... I hope you would be reminded that you should cherish & love your life more.

No donation is needed. We just hope to promote and spread the message and love of LOVE.CARE.LIFE through T-shirts.
And when your family, friends, colleagues, or classmates meet with difficulties, we will listen and accompany them to ride out the storm! This is the spirit of LOVE.CARE.LIFE .

* Sponsors needed from Singapore and Malaysia for printing T-shirt, packaging and related cost.
Are you able to see that the greatest gift isn't money nor looking beautiful, but to be "alive"?
Started by YUKI, using the power of social media to bring together both friends and readers to promote the move of LOVE.CARE.LIFE especially during this economic downturn that is causing many people to live in stress & frustration, she hopes that by sharing her story, people will treasure and cherish life much more than ever.

* We are open to all life case studies & testimonials from readers to show their support to other readers who are suffering and traumatized.

I hope all of you can pick up your keyboard and post an encouraging comment in YUKI NG's personal blog to tell the less fortunate to stay strong and don't give up on the struggle. I hope all you strong and caring people out there would help others realize just how fortunate they are, to cherish what they have, and not to take things for granted.

When you think you have reached life's end, please remember to look back at your family and friends who will look at you and say: "Would you be willing to help me lead a good life?" If even strangers are concerned for you and are willing to lend a helping hand, how could we not give ourselves a chance to live on?

- LOVE.CARE.LIFE Charity Bazaar -
A passionate brand will begin its charity sale of LOVE.CARE.LIFE T-shirts in Singapore & Malaysia.
All proceeds received will be donated to non-profit charity organisations after deducting operation expenses.
* To carry out this awareness campaign we’d like to appeal to the companies in Singapore and Malaysia for sponsorship to show their support.
* If you think this campaign is tied up with your campaign/organizer, feel free to contact us for a discussion on co-operation & look towards benefitting the community together.
* Campaign logo and T-shirt designer volunteers are wanted.
This campaign is inspired by the LOVE LIFE campaign in Taiwan that was initiated by 黑人 ( Hei Ren ) also known as 陈建洲 ( Chen Jian Zhou ) that is aimed to promote the important values of loving life in this shirking economy where people are depressed and hopeless by sharing stories of the strong-hearted young cancer patients’ true stories. They often helped alleviate the pain of the children by visiting them whenever they had time off work to give them joy & laughter. This has deeply moved YUKI ever since.

Don't we also have wonderful people around us working hard in hopes of laying a better foundation for future generations, as well as young boys & girls starting their brand new lives positively with a peaceful and stable family? But because of a sudden turn of events, some of them might be dealt a blow so serious that they have to completely "rewrite" their script of life. After all the hard work and efforts everyone has put in, what does one really want in return? Isn't it just to live life happily?

- LOVE.CARE.LIFE Advertisement -
"Do you still remember your dreams for the future when you were young? Revert back into your cheerful self. No matter how many setbacks you face in life, have faith in the beauty of life, because someday that faith will blossom for you. Continue to live your wonderful life, LOVE.CARE.LIFE will always be here to support you!"

LOVE.CARE.LIFE preaches everyone not to hold back your care and concern for the less fortunate.
*Any media interested in sponsoring to support & promote this campaign, please contact us for further details.

Upon purchase of the LOVE.CARE.LIFE T-shirt, we sincerely welcome you to take an individual or group photo or record a personal video while wearing this shirt of love while sharing your own stories, views, and opinions. It is understandable that each of us has our own jobs and stuff to handle, but I sincerely hope that everyone would be able to take some free time in order to take photo or shoot the video to show your support for this campaign. Do show the world your photogenic face and acting talent! It doesn’t have to be very professional, just be casual and show your sincerity!
You may then send the video via Email to YUKI NG and she will share it with the public in later, each of you has a chance to become a star on the Internet!
Let's all pluck out the courage and have a best photo and best video competition!
* Sponsorship wanted for “best photo and video” prize reward to readers who make the best effort to support this campaign.
* Multimedia web designer and internet interactive support team needed to help with the voting system.

All participants are volunteering and will not get paid in any form. I ask for the support of all netizens.
YUKI also hopes all of you would take your own actions to respond to this event.
This is just a concept, which will start from Singapore and Johor first.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Hopefully, this LOVE.CARE.LIFE project will be able to go without a hitch.
Constructive advice, feedback, and guidance are welcome and greatly appreciated, YUKI is a novice so she will need all the help she can get.
In order to further perfect LOVE.CARE.LIFE and to allow more people to benefit from it, any charity organizations interested in this idea will be given full permission by YUKI to assist in this project.

If, by the end of this month, there are not enough support & sponsorship for this project, we would have no choice but to cancel it altogether.
- 【一闪一闪亮晶晶】 . ( Yi Shan Yi Shan Liang Jing Jing, Xin Xin ) Program -
LOVE.CARE.LIFE and its programs all depends on you!
We sincerely invite you to join the family led by YUKI NG. Together, we would make small contributions to the community, in hopes that the benefits it brings will be widely effective.
YUKI doesn't know if this activity would be able to gain public support, how far it would go, nor how long it would stay. Perhaps your actions will be able to make a difference!
This project is in need of spontaneous volunteers, such as;
Legal advisors
Data compilers
Blog writers
Etc. ( If you think you can help out in any way at all, feel free to join us! )
Sponsors: As long as your company is willing to participate in the funding of this project, we would welcome you whole-heartedly.
Please write in using the following format; <Sponsor> <Volunteer>, <Professional advice>, <Charity Organizer>, <Readers> and send to:
Credits to: Kirby Toh
( Facebook: Kris Dusk Luna )

发起人:YUKI NG 黄绣丽
  YUKI出生于马来西亚柔佛笨珍小镇,从小在小笨珍甘榜渔村成长,高中毕业后曾到吉隆坡修读专业摄影然后在柔佛新山婚纱店打工存钱,十九岁时便到新加坡南洋艺术学院半工半读主修视觉系专业广告设计并荣获学院奖学金也是全校特优毕业生之一并得过多个艺术设计奖项。学系主任通知她已获选大学奖学金能在新澳大学继续升学,之后因困扰着某些事而在大学时上了一两个星期的课后就毅然决定休学到社会工作。在当设计师的生涯里做过杂志编排,广告,产品包装,印刷,网络卡通设计等。现在从事行销顾问, 长期定居在新加坡。


只有家里有成员患者或患者本身才能真正感受以上症状所带来的冲击是如此可怕的和如何改变了他们在抗衡期的生活甚至是改写了他们的人生。 不幸的是那些已自我放弃或被放弃的那群。最可悲的是那个已结束生命的。


*征求更多已痊愈的真真实案例来信鼓励患者, 为他们打气!
希望你们拿起键盘在YUKI NG的FB个人部落格亲手写下鼓励创伤者应该坚韧永不放弃的奋斗。希望网络战士的关爱能唤醒不懂得珍惜生命的朋友们。当你们以为生命已走到尽头时记得回头看看你的家人朋友们正对你说:「你愿意帮我们好好活着吗?」如果连陌生人都为你付出关爱,那我们怎能不好好的活着呢!


此活动不是全新概念,只能说是多年前源于台湾艺人黑人{陈建州}和范伟琪发起为患上癌症末期的病童献上鼓励的「LOVE LIFE」公益活动爱的沿续版本只是我们的受益者对象不同。他们夫妻俩的善心让YUKI深受感动,他们时常趁着工作空档前往探视以欢笑声减轻小朋友的病痛。
当您和家人朋友同事购得这件「LOVE.CARE.LIFE」T恤,欢迎你们穿上这件爱的力量T恤亲自拍下照片或亲自打造宣传片录制任何你们单独或多人表现构成的一段视频上传至各大网站或通过电邮至YUKI NG FB个人部落格来帮你们和大众分享。我们明白大家都有工作要做,尽管如此请利用时间全力以赴地拍摄吧。你们都可以成为很上镜很抢眼的网络明星唷!让我们都大胆表演来个演技PK大赛吧?不一定要很专业,用手机录制的也行。
*征求与此活动概念相关的商家联络我们之间的义务合作, 赞助网民投选活动最佳的宣传照片和宣传视频的奖品,回馈他们踊跃的参与和付出。

请你们多多支持 。YUKI也希望你们用自己的行动去响应这次活动的号召
这只是一个初步概念,暂时只能在新加坡至柔佛尝试, 成功后才慢慢发展到其他的地区。欢迎大家给予我们建设性的建议进行改良。有办公益活动经验的专业的指导会更好,因为YUKI是新手,一人的力量真的有限。
为了希望让这个「LOVE.CARE.LIFE」的计划能够更完美办成让更多人受益, 如有诚意的专业团体机构有兴趣全权处理承办整个公益计划,YUKI也愿意授权整套企划方案而只是从旁幕后协助。
2013年「LOVE.CARE.LIFE」计划是靠您自发性的热情投入才能成功!现在我们诚挚的邀请您一起加入YUKI NG带领的大家庭…共同为社会做出一些小小的贡献,希望对受益者会是大大的回报。

1)会计师 2)法律顾问 3)官方网页设计师 4)资料收集员 5)博客


来信请标明 <赞助>, <义工>, <专业指导>,<慈善团体>,<读者>,<其他〉然后电邮至:

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