ACT-Accept,Commit & Taking Action

This was an good acticle which share by one of my friend, it might help anyone and i am proud for sharing it.

ACT core messages:
Accept-what is out of your personal control
Commit-to what is happening
Taking Action-that enriches your life

The aim of ACT:
To help us crate a rich and meaningful life, while accepting the pain that life inevitably brings.
Handling painful thoughts and feeling effectively(mindfulness skills).
Clarify what's truly important and meaningful to us.
Reflect on what else your mind that's unhelpful.
Keep in mind-every human will facing and repeatedly experience inherently painful such as fear, sadness, guilt, anger, shock and etc.
Paying attention with flexibility, openness and curiosity( Mindfulness).

Clarify value--use knowledge to guide, inspire&motivate-- set goals & take action

6 core process of ACT:
1) Contacting the present moment(Be Here Now)
2) Defusion (Watch your thinking)
3) Acceptance (Open Up)
4) Self- as context (Pure Awareness)
5) Values (Know What Matters)
6) Committed Action ( Do What It Takes)

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