Elianto Mask Collection, am i crazy?

Elianto Mask Collection, am i crazy?

Past few months, i bought Elianto Masks.
There were an offer that make me so crazy for it.     >0<

The purchase cost me around RM 3-4 per piece,
but i can't remember the actual price for these item.
Each piece will cost around RM7 if no promotions.
I love it very much...
The collection i had:
Coral Leaf and Deep Sea Mud Mask   (Not encourage-cause for prevent aging)
Oatmeal & Milk Mask
Honey & Sunflower Mask    
Walnut Mask
Sage Balancing Mask
Mix Vegetable Mask    
Rosemary Mask
Pumpkin Mask
Red Ginseng Mask

A mask= A Must 
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