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纯芦荟汁Pure aloe vera juice

先声明,这个参考来自一位FB group的花友(Corline)的照片及制作过程,
Photographs and production process was sharing by one of my FB Friend.
These are the notes in my computer, and want to share out.
For me, is an useful note.  Thank for her selfless sharing,
And for sure I was learn a lot.

刚采下来的芦荟, 要马上直立着1~2个小时, 让芦荟皮中所含的大黄素流出来, 因为大黄素食用后会引发腹泻或不适。 照片里的是真立后, 洗净, 用刨皮刀去掉2边刺的芦荟。 估计这盆芦荟约有17~20kg.
Aloe vera, immediately upright within 1 to 2 hours,
So that theFlavin liquid contained in aloe vera skin easy to flow out.
Flavin liquid might cause diarrhea or discomfort.
Estimated basin aloe is about 17 to 20kg.

这两锅是去了皮, 切好的芦荟.
Two pot is peeled, chopped aloe.

这次的我留下一点皮, 因为据说青皮的疗效很好。。。但是不喜欢苦味的朋友就免了, 因为芦荟皮会苦!!
She decided to left aloe a bit skin, because the peel is said to very good effect for health. But if you do not like the bitter taste just ignored it。

不加水, 用搅拌机搅成糊状而且是黏黏的泡沫, 别担心, 下锅遇热后泡沫会消失。 照片里滚开后的芦荟汁会浮起白色的沫渣, 这些沫渣要很有耐心的慢慢捞掉。。。
Do not add water, even the paste will be blender and sticky foam.
Do not worry, the bubbles will disappear when heat.
The white foam will float(bubbles), and take off.

就这样把沫渣弄到锅边, 沿着锅边慢慢捞出来, 要很有耐心的捞清洁, 因为这沫渣如果肠胃敏感人吃下肚子,会不舒服.
Slowly remove the bubbles, must to be very patient, because this foam or we called it slag will cause uncomfortable once we eat it.

 捞完后, 再滚一会儿, 沫渣又会出现, 我每次都要用上1个多小时的时间站在锅前慢慢捞。。。。还蛮累的, 呵呵呵!
约滚开半个小时后, 沫渣也捞得差不多时, 就可以下糖了。 通常我会选用石蜂糖, 会比较香或者冰片糖, 谢绝漂白过的白砂糖, 对健康不利。。。。。
下糖后再捞一阵沫渣之后, 就可以关火了。 待凉后装进密封的瓶子里收进冰柜里。 这样可以收藏2~3个月(糖的比例1:0.5)。 每次食用60ml稀释250ml的开水。 味道很好又方便饮用.
Must heat till no foam/ bubbles appeared again. Every time she have to spend more than one hour time in the pot slowly take off the foam,
About half an hour after boiling, when the foam seem less the next step is add sugar. She usually chooses stone bee sugar, fragrant brown candy. White sugar is bad for your health, try avoiding it.
Take off the slag/foam, and turn off the heat. Put into a bottles and freezer it. It can put within 2-3months (the sugar ratio 1:0.5). Each 60ml juice can mixed up with 250 ml of water. The taste is very good and easy to drink.

She is very caring, will upload mulberry leaves which also sharing by her soon.
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