CANON MP287 Problems with code P07/P08

I am starting to do repairing for my schools printer since few months ago,
normally will send to shop, but after too much printers ,make troubles for sending out to shop.
I force myself to learn, especially for install CISS or change ink tank for CISS.

Today, my school clerk informed me that her printer can't work well.
Again, need to find solution to repair it.
With code P07, i search at google, there are a lots of source and software that i download cannot work well.

Lastly, i found from forum and more suitable for me to repair MP287,
i copy down and upload here for sharing and future reference:

First Step : 
Set The Canon PIXMA MP287 To Service Mode
To do that, follow this step, it's so easy.
1.Turn off the printer without pulling the power cord.
2.Press and hold the RESUME button (Green button), keep holding it and then press the power button, do not let go yet.
3.Keep holding the power button, now release the RESUME button and then press theRESUME button for 5 times and quickly release the POWER button.
4.When the printer entered the Service Mode, all LED will stop blinking.

Second STEP : 

Reset Canon PIMA MP287 Using Resetter. Open the mp287.exe, and then follow this step.
1.Insert some A4 paper, the printer will print the result.
2.Look for "Clear Ink Counter" section, press the "Main" button and wait for the message "A function was finished" and then press "OK" button.
3.Press the "Platen" button located beside the "Main" button.
4.Look for "Print" section, press the "EEPROM' button, select "Rear Tray" and pres "OK" button.
5.The printer should printout the result. That's all, you may turn off your printer now. Sometime you need to press the POWER button several time in order to turn off the printer.

The software can be download here: (By: EkoHasan.Blogspot)  
*More accurate, and 100% solve my problem. 
*For code P08 also can repair using reset tool. 
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