酸柑酵素Lime Enzyme

图一:把酸柑且半去籽,切片;图二:成品第一天; 图三(左下)成品第四天;成品第15天
酸柑 800g
水晶糖 700g

  1. 将酸柑洗净后晾干,确定不要有水分不然会发霉。
  2. 把酸柑且半去籽,切片,接着均匀的分成3分,同时也将冰糖分成3分。
  3. 先把一份酸柑铺在玻璃瓶底,再铺上一份冰糖,重复此步骤直到所有材料完成,确保最顶层的是冰糖盖过酸柑。
  4. 将瓶子放在干燥,以及太阳晒不到的地方,发酵大约一个月,把渣滤掉就行了。
Ingredients(for 1 glass bottle):
Lime 800g
Crystal sugar 700g


  1. Clean lime with water and let it drip dry.
  2. Take off lime seed, and cut in sliced. Is better to divide lime and crystal sugar into 3 portions.
  3. Add lime into glass and covered with sugar, repeat this step until 3 portions is completed. Must ensure the top level is covered by sugar. The ingredients should not more than 70% of the container. (Fermentations process will release a lot of gases and may overflow if the contents are too full)
  4. Close the container tightly and leave it in dry and cool place. Cover with lid and let it ferments for 1 month.  Separate the lime from liquid and transfer the enzyme into new clean glass bottle.
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