怪味黑椒肉片Braised Pork Belly with Special Black Pepper Sauce

Recipe from "Easy Pork Cookery 100 Pork's"

300gm 五花肉(连皮)
2梗  青葱(切段)
1大匙 蒜米

1大匙 黑胡椒末
1大匙 A1酱
1大匙 HP酱

1大匙 番茄酱
1 1/2 大匙辣椒酱
1大匙 耗油
1大匙 L&P酱
1大匙 糖
4汤匙 水
1/2小匙 麻油

1) 将五花肉放入沸水于中火煮约30分钟,取出马上泡在冷水约1小时,盛起抹干水分,切成薄片。
2) 爆香蒜米,注入怪味黑椒酱料煮沸,放入五花肉片拌炒焖煮一会至汁料浓缩,加入青葱炒一下,即可上碟。

300 gm pork belly (with skin)
2 stems spring onion
1tbsp chopped garlic

Special Black Pepper Sauce (mix well):
1 tbsp crushed black pepper
1 tbsp A1 sauce
1 tbsp HP sauce
1 tbsp tomato sauce
1 1/2tbsp chili sauce
1 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tbsp L&P sauce
1 tbsp sugar
4 tbsp water
1/2 tsp sesame oil

1) Cook the pork belly over medium heat for 30 minutes until cooked through.  Soak into cool water immediately for about 1 hour.  Remove and pat-dry.  Cut into thinly slices.
2) Saute garlic till fragrant.  Place in pork belly slices and stir-fry until well coated with the sauce, then reduce to medium heat.  simmer for a while until the sauce is slightly thick.  Add in sectioned spring onions, stir well.  Dish up and serve hot.

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